Speed-E’z offers the reliable, professional, and affordable answering services, business services, and                    courier services you've been looking for!


  • J. Marvin Smith III, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgical Associates says:

    "My practice has been a customer of Speed-E'z Exchange since the opening of their business in 1994. Speed-E'z is by far the best service I have ever used. They are entirely reliable and dependable. A doctor that deals with critical illnesses can do no better than the personalized and exceptional services provided by Speed-E'z."

  • Kelli Thomas - VidaCare/Teleflex says: 

    "Speed-E'z provides 24/7/365 Emergency Access Support to our customer base.  The staff is professional and courteous when speaking to our medical professionals.  I love the fact that the calls are recorded so I can validate customer information if there is a discrepancy or a lost call!"

  • Chris Mathis, Mathis Consulting Services says: 

    "Mathis Consulting has utilized Speed-E'z Exchange exclusively for well over 15 years for medical clients. We have been very pleased with Speed-E'z prompt response to inbound communications and their dedication to strive for perfection with our clients. Their management team is outstanding and always responds when dealing with any problem."

  • Mark Wengrovitz, MD - Perepherial Vascular Associates says: 

    "My practice in vascular surgery has been taken care of by Speed-E'z for over 20 years.  We know our patients and referring doctor messages are received in a timely fashion so we never miss anything.  they even check on us to be sure we have responded.  Their system keeps detailed records of phone calls, messages, conversations, and other data in case there is ever a question as to what happened or when.  Speed-E'z understands the importance doctors place on their practices and that our job is 24/7!  We would never let anyone else handle our after-hours calls".